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Head shot of Vishnu Raghav

Hi, I'm Vishnu Raghav

A Freelance Designer & Developer based in Coimbatore, India 🇮🇳

A little about me

I help small businesses, start-ups and individuals with design and technology by providing simple and elegant solutions while prioritising user privacy, so that they can build stronger relationships and establish trust with their users.

I'm also a do-it-yourselfer, minimalist, technology & privacy enthusiast. In my free time, I design and develop open source applications for the web and mobile. And I also educate people on how to be more secure online.

Occasionally, I'll write on my blog.

You can follow me on:

  • Keen listener, good planner and can explain things in plain English.
  • Skillful with design softwares and front-end web technologies.
  • Lone worker but can collaborate with a team.

What I can do for you

Logo & Identity Design

I can build unique brands with consistency across all mediums.

Interface Design

I can design intuitive interfaces that let users get their work done.

Web Development

I can build elegant webites & webapps that respects its users' privacy.

Mobile Development

I can build easy to use Android & iOS apps by applying user centered design.

What I've been working on recently

Having a project in mind?

Lets get it started

Questions I get asked frequently

I don't know what I need. Can you help me with my business? +

Definitely, I can help you identify what you need. We’ll discuss suitable solutions based on your need and budget. I'll adjust my workflow to fit you and put you at ease.

What do you charge for your services? +

No honest designer/developer can give you an answer to this question without a long conversation. Project cost depends on several factors, including its scope, specification, complexity and duration. Since every project requirement is different, you'll be charged only for what is required. To get an idea of the cost, just contact me. You'll be asked few questions, then I'll send you an estimate.

How long will it take? +

Every project is different, so are their deadlines. I'll do my best to complete the project within the date agreed upon. Till now, I haven't missed a deadline.

What is my involvement in your process? +

I listen to my clients from the start and involve them in each and every step in my process from drafting to project completion. You'll love working with me!

Do you provide content writing and photography services? +

Not directly, but if your project demands, I shall refer or collaborate with creative people from my network.

Do you use website templates? +

No, designing each website unique and custom-made for my clients is primary to me. Each and every project is started from scratch. If you still want to reduce costs, we can go for the templates option but I don't recommend it.

Do you offer any support or maintenance? +

Yes, I do offer technical support and maintenance on request. You'll be charged for any complex task, but the simple ones are totally free.

Are there any website maintenance agreements? +

No. Once your website is finished, you are free to work with anyone to update/maintain the website for you.

Do I get analytics with my website? +

No, but, I can install a privacy-friendly web analytics for your website at your request.

Why don't you recommend the free Google Analytics for my website? +

Not only analytics, I don't recommend or use any of Google's products for my clients even though most of it being free. If you don't know, I would like to remind you that Google is an advertising company, they feed on their users' data and invade their privacy. We can see a growing number of people becoming privacy aware and steadily shifting towards using privacy-friendly alternatives. In this case, it is crucial for any business to gain user trust, and it can only be achieved if we treat our users with respect. Especially when handling their data.