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Privacy statement

Updated on 16 July 2020


As a privacy-conscious internet user, I respect your privacy; hence this website has NO Ads, NO User Tracking and NO Affiliates. Your connection to this website is encrypted and is completely secure.

Through this website, I may collect some information in order to communicate or work with the respective person/organisation. During the course of our business, I may use third-party services for file sharing, presentation and payment processing.

What information is collected and why

  • When you contact me through this site, your name and email address will be collected and used for business communication. And it may also be used to send monthly newsletter which you would be able to opt out at any time. Additionally, your timezone will be collected, so that I can communicate with you at your best time.
  • When you contact me through Phone/Telegram/Signal, your mobile number will be used only for business communication. It will never be used for any marketing purpose nor sold to marketers.
  • When you send me your personal/business/product related information, it will be used only for the sole purpose of serving you with my design and/or development services.

As an independent controller of your information, Keeping your information secure is primary to me. Hence, all information is encrypted and securely stored offline.

Third party service that I use

  • I use Formspree to handle form submissions on this website. Your information is always encrpyted (using OpenPGPjs) before each form submission. By using encryption, nobody can read the information you send to me except myself thus ensuring data privacy and security.
  • I recommend Infomaniak SwissTransfer (since Mozilla dropped Firefox Send) on this website for you to send projects related files to me and I use Blackhole.run to send files to you securely and privately.
  • For project presentation and prototyping, I use Invisionapp or Figma. During this stage, the actual project data will not be used in designs.
  • For payment processing, I use Instamojo for my Indian clients and PayPal/Payoneer for everyone else. I also support cyrptocurrency payments using Bitcoin and Monero at request.

What rights you have over your data

The information you share with me throughout the project will be kept safely even after the course of our business. These information can be reused for our future projects. You can also request to delete your partial or full information which I hold, excluding your name and email address by sending your deletion request to privacy@vishnuraghav.com. Your data will NEVER be shared/sold to anyone.

Suggestion: If you have signed-up for any third party services listed above during the course of our business, I encourage you to delete the respective account once its use has been met.

Additional Information

I try my best to follow certain privacy practices to safeguard your information throughout my process. I will occasionally update this Privacy Statement but only in a manner not affecting your privacy.


This website respects your privacy and does NOT track you. All information you provide me will be encrypted and stored offline. Your Personal/Business/Product information, including you email address will NEVER be shared/sold to anyone. I will NEVER spam you. This statement can be updated anytime without affecting your privacy.